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Solventless Hash Infused Prerolls

70% full flower infused with 30% solventless hash


100% High

Our latest blends

Name Flower Hash
Ghost Bux Space Ghost StarBux
Iced Coffee Kaya's Koffee Freeze
Space Punch Kaya's Koffe Punch Bowl
Space Tahoe Cookies Space Ghost White Tahoe Cookies
Space Mountain Haze Kaya's Koffee, Space Ghost Blue Mountain Haze
DEFCON Koffee Kaya's Koffee Presidential OG
Straight Hashberry Kaya's Koffee Strawberry Kush
Tropical Gelato Gelato Yummy Pineapple Sugar Cookies
Rise N' Shine Kaya's Koffee Granola Funk
SourBerry SourBerry Blueberry Sour Tangie
Platinum Punch Platinum OG Mendo Punch
FreezeBerry Blueberry Freeze
FaceFreeze Space Face Freeze
YumBerrySauce Blueberry Yum Sauce
Platinum Space Cookies Platinum OG Koffee Cake, Kimbo Kush
Blueberry Stars Blueberry Death Star Presidential OG
KimboCake Blueberry, Banana OG, Platinum OG, Koffee Cake Kimbo Kush, Presidial OG, Gelato
Mimosa Kimbo Haze Blueberry, Mimosa, Purple Punch, Death Star Kimbo Kush, Blue Mt Haze
Purple Benjamin's Plum Crazy, Purple Punch, Mimosa Presidential OG
BananaBerry Banana Punch, Purple Punch, Plum Crazy Presidential OG
Bananacake OG Banana Punch, Koffee Cake Presidential OG
GorillaBlue Blueberry GG4
PurplePrezOG Blueberry, Mimosa, Banana Punch Kaya's Koffee
PurpleKoffee Blueberry, Mimosa, Purple Punch Kaya's Koffee
Berry Good Koffee Blueberry, Purple Punch Kaya's Koffee
GorillaChem Crasher Purple Punch, Wedding Crasher Kaya's Koffee, Chem I-95, Gorilla Thai
Purple ChemBert Purple Punch Chem I-95, Sunset Sherbert
Cherry ChemBreath Purple Punch Sunset Sherbert, Cherry Vortex, Chem I-95
Under The Sunset Loompas Underdog Sunset Sherbert
Tropicana Cookies Breath Motor Breath, Loompas Underdog Star Dawg, Gelato 33, Tropicana Cookies
Crazy Pineapple Cookies Goji OG, Purple Pineapple Express #4, Purple Punch Gelato 33
Gelato Mimosa Kush Mimosa #6, Cosmic Kush, Cookies N Cream, Purple Punch Gelato 33
OG Purple Cookies Purple Punch Gelato 33, Tropicana Cookies
Betty Tropicana Betty White Tropicana Cookies, Gelato 33
Yamaka #60 X Gelato 33 Yamaka #60 Gelato 33
Cosmic Cherries A La Mode Cookies N' Cream Cosmic Kush, Cherry OG
Lemon Cookie Kush GSCxKK, Gorilla PrincessxLemon OG, Mimosa #6 Strawberry Banana, Cosmic Kush, Tangie Pie
Cherry Mist Dagoba Mist Cherry OG
Apple Pie Breath Volcano, Motor Breath Plum Crazy, Apple Pie
Tropical Volcano Volcano, Louis Faced Tropicana Cookies, Plum Crazy, Cherry OG
Dagoba Princess Dagoba Mist Tangie Pie, Gorilla Princess
Blueberry Express Pie Face, Purple Pineapple Express #4 Tangie Pie, Blueberry Bx
Face Off Tangie Pie Pie Face, Grape G, Pikes Purple, Face Off Tangie Pie
KoffeeDog Loompas Underdog, Dagoba Mist Kaya's Koffee